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The American Azteca Horse International AssociationSM (AAHIASM) was formed in 2000.  It is a venue for registering and promoting the American AztecaSM Horses.  Our goal is to emphasize the remarkable qualities of this breed and be a part of the history and projected growth and popularity of the breed.  dressageWe wish to provide the breeders and admirers with an organization that will gather, educate, promote, advertise, register and eventually show their horses. 

We felt there was a need for an Azteca breed registry that would be run democratically where voting members will decide the future of the breed.  The AAHIASM will also take into consideration the needs and demands of the American tastes and market for horses rather than the Mexican's needs and market.gray

We in no way want to offend the Mexican standards as they are the original developer of this magnificent breed.  We felt that to be successful in "America", the American people need and want a little different type of horse than that is desired in Mexico.  Our American AztecaSM horses will be modeled closely after their Mexican cousins, but a little more diversity to fit the American market.

We still base the breed on the combination of Quarter Horse and Andalusian blood and intend to promote a high-quality horse.  You may hear or read a statement that a horse cannot be legally called and "Azteca" unless it is inspected and approved by the Mexican association.  This smokystatement is TOTALLY FALSE.  There are many breeds that more than one registry with similar goals and horses, but with a difference in their rules and regulations and this registry is a sample of this concept.

However we do acknowledge the concerns of other Azteca registries, and to promote harmony we are not calling out breed "Azteca", but rather "The American AztecaSM Horse".calista  This signifies that we are the American version and we are not trying to imply that these horses are Mexican bred or registered.  We hope to keep our lines of communication friendly and open with other registries and with people who love these horses as we do.

If you have any questions with regarding the breed or registry we are more than willing to answer them.  Just call or contact us, and we hope that you will choose to own and love an American AztecaSM Horse.

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