American AztecaSM:
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There's a very simple thing that you can do to promote the American AztecaSM Horse and help your Association. Whether you've got a web site; are advertising or showing; or simply referring to your horses, remember to call them AMERICAN AZTECASSM. This is the proper name of the Azteca breed in the United States, and the "American" prefix reflects the breed in the same manner as "Tennessee" Walking Horse or "Missouri" Fox Trotter. Although our horses are based on the Azteca of Mexico, Mexican breeders believe that our horses are different from theirs in some ways. We allow Paint Horses to be used as breeding stock, which they do not. Also, they require inspections for their horses, which we do not. Therefore it is very important that we distinguish our horses from those in Mexico by calling our horses American AztecasSM.


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