You must be a full member of the AAHIASM at the time of  registration.

Breeds Allowed:

The American AztecaSM  is a combination of registered horses as described below.  They are a registered Andalusian (Bloodlines must consist of Pure Spanish, Pure Lusitano, or a combination of Pure Spanish and Pure Lusitano) and the registered Quarter Horse or Paint (Not to exceed 25% TB). All horses within a pedigree, or category within a breed or registry must trace back to Spain, Portugal or both in an unbroken line. All registries and each category or studbooks within a registry that a breeding candidate is listed under must be recognized by AAHIA as approved for use in producing an American Azteca.  We do not allow any other breeds in a pedigree for a horse to produce an American Azteca such as (but not limited to) Sulphur horses, Kiger Mustangs, Appaloosas Etc.

Blood Ratio:

Check out the Breeding Chart to know how much Andalusian and QH blood is allowed.  And what the letter classifications are.

AQHA/APHA Pedigree:

Please be aware that we do not allow ANY horses whose pedigrees are over 25% TB.  If you are unsure, please fax or mail a copy of the registration papers to the office for verification.

*All pedigree's submitted must be from a legitimate registry such as AQHA or APHA. We cannot accept pedigree from non-official sources such as or any other non registry pedigree generator.

DNA and Parent Verified:

Starting January 1, 2004, all horses being registered must have DNA Analysis performed to confirm parentage against both parents.  The exceptions is outlined in the AQHA and APHA DNA Schedule.  DNA kits are to be ordered with each accompanying registration application. (Please do not send us money for this kit before we receive a filled out and completed registration application, as we need the information from the application to complete the DNA forms).  If the horse has already had a DNA Analysis performed, then a copy of the results is required.  If the Andalusian parent is only blood typed, you will need to order a Blood Type with DNA Analysis, or contact the Andalusian Parents' owner and ask them to contact the IALHA and have the blood on file at UC Davis converted into DNA.  We can only verify parentage if all three horses (Sire, Dam and Foal) are DNA performed.  If you have any questions on this, please contact the office.

Recognized Coat Colors, Patterns and Markings:

Click Here for more information.

Breeding Stock Registration Requirements:

Any Andalusian, Quarter Horse or Paint Horse wishing to produce offspring eligible for registry as an American Azteca, must be registered with a registry that is acceptable and recognized by the AAHIA.
If the horse is a Quarter Horse or Paint - Andalusian cross it must be registered as an Azteca before it can have AAHIA eligible offspring. The only Azteca registries acceptable and recognized are the AAHIA and AMCCR.

HYPP Analysis:

Any horse found to have bloodlines of Impressive in their heritage, must be tested for HYPP.  We will accept the results from another registry.  Only horses with the result of N/N will be accepted for the registry.


A clear and complete (front and back copy) of sire and dam's registration papers must also be sent with each registration application.  If your horse is also registered with the IALHA, we do not accept the  AQHA or APHA pedigree that is on the IALHA papers.  However, we do accept the Andalusian side of the pedigree.  For the AQHA and APHA pedigree, we need one of the following, including the registration numbers on all horses in the pedigree. 
A) An copy of the original  AQHA or APHA Registration Papers
B) A copy of the pedigree prepared by the AQHA and APHA only
C) The AAHIASM will research the pedigree for the fee listed above. 
A minimum of four generations is required.


You can either send a check with your membership application and/or registration applications or you can make ONLINE PAYMENTS with a Visa or Master Card.  We ONLY accept online payments.  We cannot take any credit card payment over the phone or through the mail.  If you are interested in paying online, go through our online payment page.

Once all documents are completed and received by the registry, and all fees are paid, after that please allow 6-8 weeks for completion.


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