Domestic Breeders - USA
Rita Greslin ~ Dakota Winds Andalusians ~ SD

Bonnie Tanner ~ Dragonwood Farm Andalusians ~ CA

G. W. and Sharla Willis ~ Heart of Texas Andalusians ~ TX

Scott Wehrmann - Double Diamond Ranch ~ NE

Sleeping Willow Ranch, Tim Hamilton ~ MT

Joe and Cathy McCarter ~ Spanish Gates Andalusians ~ MT

Jaz Ranch LLC, Gail Zscheile, ~ UT

Stable Creek Farm ~ VA

Ami Machugh -  Jackass Mountian Ranch ~ WA

International Breeders

Tracy Patterson ~ Caballos del Rio Ranch ~ Alberta, Canada

 Larry and Corri Eckert ~ LarCo Black Stock Farm ~ Alberta, Canada

Robyn Marsen -  Alliance Training & Stud - Langley,  BC  Canada

Carla Fuks -  Willsoncreek Andalusians - Cecil Lake, BC   Canada

Sandy Kien -  Silvermoonranch -  Reintal,  Austria

Mirian Frenk ~ Mirian Frenk ~ Spain

Vicente Perez ~ Elmaisanco Los Marroquina ~ Caracas, Venezuela

Marlies Otto - Germany

Sandrine Benistant - Pilgrim Trail Ranch - Pouylebon, France

Gianclaudio Rossi - Frontenaud,  France


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