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DNA results used for Parent Verification from a different Lab other than UC Davis

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This can only be done if horse has no registered offspring and written permission from the breeder.
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Coat Color & Pattern Panels

Red Factor and Agouti Panel

Coat Color Panel
Red Factor, Agouti, Champagne, Cream, Dun, Gray*, Pearl, Silver
White Pattern Panel 1
Tobiano, LWO, Sabino-1, Splashed White, Dominant White
White Pattern Panel 2
Gray*, Tobiano, LWO, Sabino-1, Splashed White, Leopard, Pattern-1, Dominant White
Full Color/Pattern Panel
Combination of Coat Color Panel and White Pattern Panel 2

Gray* test in panels only detects presence or absence of gray. The panel report does not provide the number of copies of the gray gene.
Coat Colors-Single Tests
Color Coat Single Tests -  Below Sold individually
Agouti, Champagne, Cream,Dun, Gray, Pearl, Silver, Grey, Red Factor
Coat Pattern Single Tests
Coat Pattern Single Tests - Below Sold individually
Pattern-1 (PATN1), Splashed White, Brindle 1, Roan Zygosity, Tobiano, Sabino-1, Leopard Complex (LP/CSNB), Lethal White Overo, Tiger Eye, Dominant White (W5, W10, W20)
Genetic testing 5 in 1 Combo

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