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Your American Azteca Horse RegistrySM is here to provide you with an organization to serve your needs. But we need your cooperation to make the Association and the breed achieve the level of quality and growth that we know is possible. We are constantly striving to find ways to improve service to our members and promote this wonderful breed - and all of us need to work together to achieve this goal. That said, we would like to acquaint you with some of the things that are necessary for us all to do to ensure our continued growth and efficiency.

We have had an excellent turn-around time in our registration process when all of the necessary information is provided and correct. Unfortunately we hit roadblocks when the provided information is incomplete and/or incorrect. Incorrect information, incomplete applications, missing or incorrect fees and (especially) lack of photos cause many delays. Therefore the following is a list of things that you can do when preparing your Registration Applications to ensure smooth and prompt processing:
(1) APPLICATION FORM: Make sure that all of the necessary sections on your application are filled out completely and correctly.
(2) SIGNATURES: Make sure that all signatures are obtained and in the proper place.
(3) DOCUMENTATION: Make sure that you have provided a copy of the sire and dam papers of the horse you are registering. (NOTE: Only a copy of the actual registration papers or pedigree for 4 generations showing all registration numbers, obtained from the original registry [e.g., AQHA, IALHA] will be accepted. All horses in our database are traced through their registration numbers with their respective registries. This is essential information even for Quarter Horse and Paint lineage, as we must determine that there is no more than 25% Thoroughbred on the Quarter Horse or Paint Horse side of the pedigree. If you need assistance we can review the pedigree to help you determine that.
(4) FEES: Make sure that all fees are sent or paid online.
(5) MEMBERSHIP: To register or transfer a horse you must be a full AAHIASM member. If you are transferring a horse at the time registry, the new owner must also be a full member of AAHIASM.
(6) PHOTOS: Make sure that you include 4 photos. As of January 1, 2002 we will allow the option of photos or filling in the markings of the horse being registered on the page provided. However, we prefer that you send the photos. This is because we would like a photo to be placed on the Certificate of Registration to (a) allow for better identification of the horse, and (B) to make a prettier presentation. (NOTE: Although a horse may change, the markings that were present at birth are there forever, they are very important and can help identify your horse if necessary.    The horse's birth color is relevant to future breeding, even if the animal has turned grey. If your foal is going to turn grey, register it as its birth color/greying [e.g., Bay/greying.]
This helps determine future color producing possibilities.
(7) CHECKLIST: The last page of the application has a checklist. Please USE this checklist to ensure that your application is complete. Please mark off everything that you have completed. Complete applications mean quicker registry. Also, by submitting complete application packages you save your Association the cost of envelopes, printer ink, paper, postage and most of all our volunteer office and registry staff time.

Sending reminders for things not received is costly, and every penny we can save can go to improving our Association.

Finally, if you are unsure about something please visit our web site ( All of the necessary forms and information are right there, plus you can pay for services directly from the web site. Of course, if you can't find the information you need, please contact us by phone, mail or e-mail. We'll be glad to help



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